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About Us

JonandJudyWho We Are

In early 1996, after more than a decade of working in the consumer electronics and professional audio business, Jon Martinez struck out on his own and started Jontronics, designing and building a custom line of portable audio systems specifically for K-12 schools. Later that year, Judy Powell (now Judy Martinez) joined the company to provide sales and marketing support.

Through the years, our customers have asked for help in other areas, so now in addition to portable systems, we offer A/V solutions for houses of worship, restaurants, wineries, health clubs, and many other venues.

Part of our culture is staying current with the latest technology, this knowledge translates into better choices for our clients. It keeps us challenged and inspired every day.


How We Can Help You

Because of our long and wide-ranging experience with audio and video systems, we have a clear understanding of what works and, more importantly, what does not, allowing us to guide our customers in choosing the best solutions for their needs. We can design a completely new system or enhance your existing equipment.

We understand that almost everyone operates under very tight budget constraints and any purchase needs to provide the most value possible. In that light, we strive to offer audio and video solutions that meet the following criteria:

Durable... tough enough to handle normal usage, providing more years of satisfaction and avoiding service calls

Flexible... able to accommodate changing requirements and future technologies without becoming obsolete

High Quality... premium manufactured and custom designed products that will deliver superior results

Simple... if the equipment is easy to set-up and operate, the equipment will be used more often

If your current audio and video equipment is not meeting your expectations, then Jontronics is the company for you!


Our Logo

Why a strawberry?  They are one of our favorite taste treats, plus they look good in our company graphics.


Our Affilliations

NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants)


Our Interests

P.E.O. International

Cambria C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team)

San Luis Obispo County Emergency Communication Amateur Radio, Volunteer, Ham Call Sign: KI6EDL

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